Home Rule Petitions

Home Rule Petitions are legislation filed to address the needs of a particular municipality at the request and with the approval of that municipality, and which does not affect generally the laws of Massachusetts.

Representative Campbell has filed numerous Home Rule Petitions that have been presented to her by the City of Methuen. Linda has worked very closely with local officials in order to make sure the concerns and needs of the community are addressed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Home Rule is sometimes thought of as a relatively recent concept and unique to Massachusetts, but its roots actually date back to the 1700s and its relevancy extends throughout the nation. Missouri was the first state to adopt a Home Rule provision in 1875, followed by California, Washington and Wisconsin between 1879 and 1898. In Massachusetts, Home Rule authority was granted to cities and towns in 1966. Today, almost all states have adopted Home Rule provisions which, to varying degrees, are intended to enhance self-governance for cities, towns and counties.

See below for Home Rule Petitions Representative Campbell has filed this Legislative Session:

H558 - An Act Relative to Health Insurance in the City of Methuen
The City of Methuen seeks authority to borrow $1.9 million dollars to cover a health care deficit accrued in the last fiscal cycle. The City of Methuen is self insured in health care. The deficit was caused by a substantially higher utilization of health care services by employees and retirees, including a substantial number who utilized over $100,000 of services. (Methuen’s stop loss is set at $150,000) Methuen’s health care split is 62% city, 38% employee.



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