In the District

Thank you to those who helped during the Blizzard

On behalf of those that I represent, I want to take the time to thank our Firefighters, Police Officers, and our DPW employees for their great work in ensuring the safety of our community throughout the blizzard and helping us conquer the challenges that Mother Nature continues to throw our way!

Blizzard Jan. 2018

Bates Bridge Dedication

I was honored to join my colleagues Senator Bruce Tarr, Representative Lenny Mirra, Mayor Jim Fiorentini, and members of the Haverhill City Council at the re-dedication of the Bate Bridge which connects the City of Haverhill and the Town of Groveland. The bridge, named after Congressman William H. Bates who served in the House of Representatives from 1949-1970, was rededicated as the “Congressman William H. Bates Veterans Memorial Bridge” to honor both the legacy of the Congressman and the members of our communities who have served our country. I would also like to thank the VSOs from Haverhill and Groveland, Veterans organizations throughout the Merrimack Valley, and members of the community for taking time out of their weekend to join us in this wonderful event.


Methuen and Haverhill Inaugurations

Congratulations to the newly elected officials of the Cities of Methuen and Haverhill who were inaugurated yesterday during inspiring civic gatherings. We are so thankful to all the individuals who have stepped forward to serve the public to the best of their abilities and in so many capacities.

Thank you to my former House colleague and our Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito who was in Haverhill and Methuen yesterday to help us celebrate. Lt. Gov. Polito regularly visits our communities and continues to work with us on important state-city collaborations.

Again, my thanks to all who have stepped forward to serve their communities in an important way. My very best wishes to all for a healthy and productive 2018!

House Bond Bill

Just recently, with the support of my colleagues, I was able to secure the City of Methuen $3M in the House Bond Bill for a potential parking garage downtown. This request is in line with City’s planning to revitalize our downtown.

Additionally, I was able to secure $263,000 for the Cogswell School revitalization project in Haverhill. The school is being repurposed into an arts and cultural center for the community and this funding will be used to assist with an upgrade to the electrical system which is essential to the functioning of other systems in the building such as heat and water.

As with all bond projects these items must be appropriated by the Governor and his administration. However, one cannot receive what is not asked for – so this is a good vehicle for future large-scale projects for the 15th Essex District!


Methuen High School Generation Citizeninuteman Cadet Battalion

Methuen High School students were amazing yesterday as we talked with teachers, Principal Barden, Superintendent Scannell, and members of Generation Citizen about their projects aimed at addressing the issues of mental health and substance addiction among high school students. Methuen High School students have chosen issues that are important to them and are participating with Generation Citizen to find ways that they can bring positive change in their community. Their efforts have achieved real results which include working with teachers, Principal Barden, and Superintendent Scannell to make more professionals available to address this growing challenge along with programmed time to address student needs to reach out to each other and professionals.

As a result of their actions and the assessment of educational leaders in the community, I requested and received $60,000 in the FY18 state budget to address their initiatives. It was a privilege to have a conversation with these young adults at MHS about their achievements in taking civic actions on behalf of their fellow students.

Methuen High School Generation CitizenMethuen High School Generation CitizenMethuen High School Generation CitizenMethuen High School Generation Citizen

UMass Amherst’s Army ROTC Minuteman Cadet Battalion

What an amazing group of young leaders! It was an evening I will cherish for a long time. As the first woman commander of the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s ARMY ROTC Minuteman Cadet Battalion, I was invited as the guest speaker for their 150th anniversary Dining In celebration. Of course, the visit brought back so many memories to reflect upon and allowed me to meet the amazing young leaders that shall lead America’s Army. It was an honor and privilege to join them for this very special celebration. Lieutenant Colonel Magner – to you and your team – congratulation on your leadership of a great program. The Esprit de Corps and the unity of purpose made clear that we have a lot to look forward to as these young officers assume leadership roles in our Army.

The saber that you presented me will be proudly displayed front and center in my Statehouse office.
To the Cadets- we are extraordinarily proud of you and most thankful for your service to our country – Godspeed.

UMass Amherst ROTCUMass Amherst ROTCUMass Amherst ROTCUMass Amherst ROTC


Veterans Day

On behalf of the many Veterans I represent in the cities of Methuen and Haverhill, I would like to thank the many organizations and Veterans groups that provided opportunities for citizens to say thank you to our Veterans this past weekend. Both Methuen and Haverhill hosted parades which provided so many young people a chance to meet a Veteran. Below are some pictures from a few of the Veterans events throughout Methuen and Haverhill that I was fortune enough to attend over the weekend.

Recently I was very privileged to speak at the Women Veterans’ Network’s 13th Annual Appreciation Day at the State House where they discussed the resources and services of the Network for women Veterans across the Commonwealth as well as recognized their 2017 Deborah Sampson Honoree, Lieutenant Colonel Jay Barret. LTC Barrett was deployed to Vietnam as a combat nurse to one of the most active and critical units during the war. As a part of her 23 year career of service, she continued her leadership and commitment to her country in the Army Reserves as Chief Nurse at the 373rd General Hospital, inspiring other women to purse leadership roles in the armed forces. LTC Barrett eventually became a nurse manage for the VA Boston Women’s Health Centers and received numerous awards for her tireless efforts during her tenure at the Boston VA. Below is a video of my remarks at the event explaining the work of the Network as well as some words honoring the service and accomplishments of LTC Barret.
An additional update in relation to Veterans from Beacon Hill, The House of Representatives just passed three pieces of legislation to assist our Veterans. There are many more pieces of Legislation under consideration.

The first piece of legislation allows municipalities to designate reserved parking for our Veterans who maybe visiting and utilizing city and town halls during business hours.

The second piece of legislation allows municipalities to designate a check off place on municipal tax bills and motor vehicle excise tax bills, allowing taxpayers to voluntarily donate money to a fund named the “Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Celebration Fund.” This fund will be dedicated to events as well as the creation and restoration of monuments honoring Veterans in our communities.
The third piece of legislation dedicates a portion of a $244 million bond bill for the funding of a new Chelsea Soldier’s Home where $199 million will be allocated to design and construct a new 154-bed Soldier’s Home in Chelsea, replacing the Lawrence F. Quigley Memorial Hospital.

L.T Governor Karyn Polito presents $1,175,000 MassWorks Infrastructure Program Grant to City of Methuen

I am thrilled that Lt. Governor Karyn Polito was able to join our state delegation, local officials, and community leaders to present an award of a $1,175,000 MassWorks Infrastructure Program grant to Methuen for the Five Corners 40R Gateway Improvement Project. This project will improve an intersection that is critical to the city’s recently approved 62-acre 40R Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District which is identified to increase housing and private investment in the downtown area.

This grant from the Commonwealth is a key piece to the many collaborations between the city and the Baker-Polito administration that are ongoing to revitalize Methuen’s downtown. We are very excited about this partnership on projects affecting the downtown such as the Rail Trail, rezoning, and planning support that will make this long awaited revitalization a reality. The Baker administration’s work to foster collaboration with cities and towns is supporting many communities throughout the entire Commonwealth. We are so thankful that Lt. Governor Polito took time out of her busy schedule come to Methuen for this special announcement.

I want to congratulate Mayor Zanni, our Community Development team headed by the talented and dedicated William Buckley, our City Council, the grant writers, committed citizens, and community leaders who have worked hard to make the downtown revitalization a reality. Without your hard work and dedication we would not have been able to secure this vital funding.
The MassWorks Infrastructure Program, funded by the Legislature, provides a one-stop shop for municipalities and other eligible public entities seeking public infrastructure funding to support projects centered on housing production, economic development, and job creation.

“Our administration is committed to programs like MassWorks that help cities and towns invest in public infrastructure and unlock opportunities for private investment, housing and new jobs,” said Governor Charlie Baker.

“MassWorks reflects our administration’s support for flexible funding that also leverages local and private resources to meet the economic development needs of Massachusetts’ cities and towns,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito.

“Thank you to the Baker administration and our state delegation for your continued support of our efforts in the City of Methuen,” said Mayor Stephen N. Zanni, “Downtown Methuen has much to be excited about in coming years as we move to adopt the 40R zone, construct our new Rail Trail with Gateway City Parks Funding, support new investment in long shuttered buildings and create a vibrant area for all of Methuen to enjoy.”

This is the beginning of a very exciting city-state collaboration. So much work needs to be done, but we have laid the groundwork necessary for continued success.

Award Received from Lt. Gov. Karyn PolitoAward Received from Lt. Gov. Karyn PolitoAward Received from Lt. Gov. Karyn PolitoAward Received from Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito

Cogswell Open House

Congratulations to team Reinvent Cogswell! Thanks to the hard work of so many as well as the contributions from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Amelia Peabody Charitable Trust, the Thomas Haas Foundation, the Nathaniel and Elizabeth Stevens Foundation, the Essex Heritage Foundation, and a grant from the Festival of Trees in Methuen, in addition to the successful private fundraising efforts and crowdfunding with MassDevelopment the reinvention of the old Cogswell School into a fabulous art center for the City of Haverhill continues to gain momentum and increased public support.

Thank you to all the artists who brought their works to the recent open house! Pictured here are at the Cogswell Open House are artist Jeff Grassie and Greg Moutafis at the piano.

Cogswell Open HouseCogswell Open House

Cogswell Open House

American Dog Show

Thank you to Dale Rogers for hosting the “American Dog Show” event on the Bradford Common this past weekend. Dale’s metal dogs are iconic across the country.

I know many of you from the area are familiar with his 12ft tall dog sculpture that resides on I-495 south in Haverhill and smaller replicas were on display at the event. Money that was raised through sponsorship of the event will be going to the Cogswell Art Center and Sweet Paws Dog Rescue. Cogswell Art Center’s mission is centered on promoting the arts throughout the Haverhill community and Sweet Paws Dog Rescue is a local organization that helps homeless dogs become adopted by loving and caring families. For more information on Dale, The Cogswell Art Center, or Sweet Paws follow the links below!

 American Dog Show

Methuen VSO Salute to Veterans Breakfast

Thank you to Tom Hargreaves, Director of the VSO in Methuen, for hosting the "Salute to Veterans Breakfast" this past weekend. Along with the free breakfast for Veterans and the wonderful company, information was made available to assist Veterans in need throughout our community.

Special thanks to the folks from Columbia Gas for providing the food as well as to the coordinators at the Methuen Senior Center for providing the coffee which made this event possible! Please see the new Methuen VSO website to get additional information on upcoming Veteran events in the city as well as to review the resources available for our Veterans.

Methuen VSO Salute to Veterans Breakfast

Methuen High School Auditorium Dedication to Mr. Nick

The Nicholson Family, Superintendent Judith Scannell, and Master of Ceremonies Ray Pilot organized a great ceremony to dedicate the Methuen High School Auditorium to Mr. Nick. The auditorium was selected because it is the place where the community gathers to recognize various student achievements, to watch student productions in the arts and music, and to participate in many civic gatherings. In other words, it is a place that brings the community together to celebrate and to show our gratitude and pride for our city and its residents- a very fitting dedication to Mr. Nick.

Our thanks go out to our Mayor, and former colleagues of Mr. Nick who spent time reminiscing about him: Stephen Francis and Ann Marie Krusell, Brian Uquhart, and most special was the stories shared by Courtney Nicholson Carace. Finally, I am sure that Mr. Nick is especially touched that Methuen ROTC was front and center. His pride of these students knew no bounds.


Ruth’s House 25th Anniversary

Congratulations to Ruth’s House on their 25th Anniversary of providing individuals and families in need throughout the Merrimack Valley with clothing and employment training opportunities. Thank you to the staff at Ruth’s House for allowing myself, Mayor Fiorentini, and members of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce to celebrate all that you have done for our community and the vital services that you provide to those in need since 1992.

Please consider making a donation or visiting the Thrift Shop operated by Ruth’s House at 111 Lafayette Sq. in Haverhill where they sell new and gently used items such as clothing and household items where the money collected from the purchases directly assists Ruth’s House in continuing their efforts to provide dignity to those in need.

Ruth’s House 25th AnniversaryRuth’s House 25th AnniversaryRuth’s House 25th AnniversaryRuth’s House 25th AnniversaryRuth’s House 25th Anniversary

Haverhill AAA Partners with the Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Haverhill branch of AAA Northeast now joins 27 other locations across Massachusetts in a new public-private partnership with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. This partnership will provide individuals throughout Haverhill and the Merrimack Valley who are AAA members with the opportunity to receive select RMV services right at the Haverhill branch location. Some of these services include license and Identification card renewal, duplicate licenses, registration renewal and transfer, and applications for duplicate Massachusetts titles.

Thank you to Registrar Erin Deveney, the Baker-Polito Administration, members of the AAA staff, the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce, and local officials for working together to continue to find other innovative ways to make state-level services more customer friendly.

Thank you to Deputy Registrar Mary Tibma, Mayor Fiorentini, representatives from MassDOT, and members of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce for attending and to the AAA staff for hosting this great initiative.

Haverhill AAA Partners with the Registry of Motor VehiclesHaverhill AAA Partners with the Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Bradford Rail Trail Art

The Bradford Rail Trail has been taken to another level with Art! It adds so much to the experience and will no doubt encourage art displays of many different mediums. We were fortunate to hear from artists Dave Borrus, Dale Rogers, Susan Kneeland, Susan Blim, and Jack Welch about how much time and thought went into their work in order to tie their pieces to the rich history of Haverhill. You have provided your city with a great gift! Thank you!

Bradford Rail Trail ArtBradford Rail Trail ArtBradford Rail Trail ArtBradford Rail Trail Art

Congratulations to Dr. Lane Glenn

Congratulations to Dr. Lane Glenn and the leadership team at Northern Essex Community College on the renovation of the Spurk Building. This $18 million renovation, funded by the Legislature, was money well spent to repair and upgrade a 50 year old building that houses 33 classrooms, a lecture hall, faculty offices, gathering and performance spaces, the Career Center, and many other spaces important to student academics and life. As President Glenn said, it is the place where the majority of teaching and learning takes place, and the heart of the campus. The commitment to maintain current structures is essential, again - money, time and energy well spent. Congratulations to all!


NECC Spurk Building

Superintendent James Scully for leading an evening to honor Ernest DiBurro of Haverhill

Thank you Superintendent James Scully for leading an evening to honor Ernest DiBurro of Haverhill. Ernie has given his heart and soul to the city through his time and energy spent with the students as well as the millions of dollars he has donated overtime to benefit the students of Haverhill. The room was full of Hillies who came from far and wide to say thank you.

Ernie's financial donations are on display at the newly renovated athletics clubhouse and throughout Haverhill’s athletics facilities. In addition to his commitment to bringing Haverhill's athletics facilities to modern standards, Ernie has strongly advocated for the best possible education for all Hillies and his legendary efforts to help with the realization of the Hunking School will never be forgotten.

While the students generally understand the generosity of his financial help, what they know about Ernie comes from the time he spends with them, offering words of encouragement and kindness. Ernie is not going anywhere anytime soon and we are all very grateful for that!


Superintendent James Scully for leading an evening to honor Ernest DiBurro of Haverhill

Superintendent James Scully for leading an evening to honor Ernest DiBurro of Haverhill Superintendent James Scully for leading an evening to honor Ernest DiBurro of Haverhill

Honoring Congresswoman Niki Tsongas

It was great to be with my colleagues Rep. Moran and Rep. DiZoglio to thank and honor Congresswoman Niki Tsongas at the Andover Democratic Committee event. Congresswomen Tsongas spoke truth to power on the issue of sexual assault in the military and because of her advocacy changed policies for the better. There is great awareness in the armed forces because of her courage to bring this issue forward.

Congresswoman Tsongas also made a real impact on improving military equipment for women in the armed forces. As someone who served prior to these changes, I can tell you that I and my fellow women soldiers often joked that we would be either a few inches taller or shorter when we left the service because of ill-fitting equipment. On behalf of many – Congresswoman Tsongas – thank you!!

Honoring Congresswoman Niki TsongasHonoring Congresswoman Niki Tsongas


9-11, We will Never Forget

The courage that was displayed 16 years ago which forever changed our perspective of our national security will never be forgotten. Courageous people ran towards danger knowing that they would not survive.

Today we remember all of those who lost their lives that day, including the 200 from Massachusetts and many from the Merrimack Valley. We also remember those who have given their lives to protect us in the War on Terror, the longest war in our nation’s history.

Thank you to the members of the Methuen Fire Department who took time this morning to honor the victims and their families as well as explaining to us the history of the bell sequence, which goes back to the days of President Lincoln. Americans demonstrated that day why so many people around the world respect us for our abundant courage and humanity. We will never forget.

September 11th MemorialSeptember 11th Memorial


Haverhill Democratic City Committee Breakfast

Haverhill Dems! Once again the Haverhill Democratic City Committee provided a very important public service by hosting a great annual breakfast that offered all the candidates running for office, both locally and at the state level, the opportunity to speak. How Bill Cox (the Chair of the HDCC) managed to fit everyone in, we will never know – but he is the master! He even managed to find time for members of the Haverhill State Delegation to say a few words, and we are all so thankful!

I want to thank Bill and Roz McKeon (the breakfast chairs) for such a great opportunity for all. Thank you to all the candidates that came as well as congratulations to Jean Sanders, Robert Young, and Doug Edison, the Haverhill Democrats of the year. They were honored for their many years of service to democratic principles. Additionally, the committee is expanding with many opportunities to participate. Whatever your area of interest or issue you may be passionate about consider joining this great organization with truly welcoming and friendly members!

As I told the group – all significant change in the Unites States of America and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts comes from the bottom up, not the top down. I also asked the of this committed group who are engaged in our democracy – if not now when? Congratulations to all!

Haverhill Democratic City Committee BreakfastHaverhill Democratic City Committee Breakfast


Map of Massachusetts 15th Essex DistrictLearn about all the happenings and news going on in the Essex County 15th District! For more information, visit our Facebook page.


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Briefing

Greater Lawrence Health CenterThank you John Silva (CEO and President) and the team at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center. The briefing that you provided updating Legislators was both helpful and informative. Thank you especially for the information on budgetary matters and the great work you are doing to address the opioid crisis.

Speaking to City Council about New Marijuana Law

new lawI was invited by the Methuen City Council to discuss the recently passed State Law legalizing the sale and use of recreational marijuana. Many smart and important questions were asked by members of the community and city officials regarding its details and the conversation was engaging and beneficial for all of those in attendance. Establishing a new industry is complex and we in the State Legislature did a good job of studying the mistakes as well as the smart policies of other states that have already legalized recreational marijuana. We established a strong and independent governing structure, a robust and independent inspectional system, in addition to ensuring that all available policies to protect young people from obtaining the substance illegally are implemented. Attached below is some information that explains these initiatives and regulations in further detail.

And as we have seen this past week, this wall has deeply affected not only Vietnam Veterans, but also their sons and daughters and grandchildren. It has not only served to heal and offer gratitude – but it has educated young generations about freedom and the price many must pay.

And so I offer my deepest respect and gratitude to the servicemen and woman who gave their lives in Vietnam for all of us. I offer my sincerest respect and gratitude to all those who answered their country’s call to serve in Vietnam. They stood in our place and served our country with great honor in some of the most difficult and terrifying combat situations imaginable.

On behalf of those I represent, I thank all of you who made this opportunity possible.

The Wall that Heals and the Mobil Education Center Visits Haverhill

I extend my deepest gratitude to all from the Greater Haverhill Veterans Council (AMVETS, DAV, MARINE CORPS LEAGUE, KOREAN WAR VETS, VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS, AMERICAN LEGION # 248, AMERICAN LEGION # 4) and all the bikers that helped with hosting the Wall That Heals and the Mobile Education Center. It was a true gift to many Veterans from throughout the Merrimack Valley. Here are my comments.

The Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, and its magnificent replica here, are stark and simple and so movingly and hauntingly eloquent – by design I believe - to contrast with the complexity of the War whose Veterans it recognizes.

History will emphasize that The Iron Curtain would not have come crashing down in 1989 without the blood shed in So East Asia.

Those of us who have served in the armed forces since Vietnam are the beneficiaries of the wisdom of leaders at every level who served in Vietnam.
They led us superbly and successfully through the many armed conflicts of our generation. We are also the beneficiary of much gratitude that We simply wish that we could pay it backward.

For many Vietnam Veterans, peace of mind and soul has understandably alluded them, but this traveling wall is such a beautiful and true and magnanimous effort provided through the supporters of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. It provides so many across our nation the opportunity for partial healing . You are indeed paying it backward on our behalf.

I want to thank the Haverhill Veterans Council and all the great members and veterans of these important organizations for bringing this healing wall to Haverhill. And to all the bikers, many veterans themselves, who took part in bringing this wall here – your time and efforts mean so much to veterans not only here in Haverhill, but also across our region and our country. Your processions provide comfort and tribute at times most needed. We thank you.

And as we have seen this past week, this wall has deeply affected not only Vietnam Veterans, but also their sons and daughters and grandchildren. It has not only served to heal and offer gratitude – but it has educated young generations about freedom and the price many must pay.

And so I offer my deepest respect and gratitude to the servicemen and woman who gave their lives in Vietnam for all of us. I offer my sincerest respect and gratitude to all those who answered their country’s call to serve in Vietnam. They stood in our place and served our country with great honor in some of the most difficult and terrifying combat situations imaginable.

On behalf of those I represent, I thank all of you who made this opportunity possible.

The Bradford Rail Trail Official Opening

It was another great day to celebrate partnerships – leadership, volunteerism and community spirit in the city of Haverhill.  The Friends of the Bradford Rail Trail who have worked on this project for a decade have provided a great gift to their city!  From many- Thank You!   It was a privilege to be with LTG Politio,  Mayor Fiorentini, Chairman Dempsey and my delegation colleagues to celebrate the completion of the Bradford Rail Trail and the naming of the trail in Mayor Fiorentini’s honor. Below are my remarks.

Mayor- my heartfelt congratulations – It is so appropriate that that this trail is named in your honor – It is a perfect example of therevitalization and energy that you have brought to  Haverhill over a great many years! Thank you for your leadership.

Lt Governor Polito -Thank you for being here today! I want to thank you and your team because community and state partnerships, us working together, have been strengthened under your Administration.  A key reason for this in my mind is that you are everywhere in the Commonwealth  - all the time  - really listening to local leaders!  Our partnerships have produced amazing results across the Commonwealth.

To the folks here from the Department of Transportation, your cutting edge innovation and environmental progress is demonstrated here today and in so many projects throughout the Commonwealth – congratulations.

As the Department of Transportation frequently reminds us, major projects require major public support – which is as it should be –and so many volunteers in Haverhill went above and beyond in their support for the Rail Trail.

So, how about these Friends of the Bradford Rail Trail!  They were the constant in this successful equation –faithfully engaged from the start with community development through all the tedious steps that brought us here today.

And  - what about  Andrew Herlihy! – from community development - the expert on the nitty gritty – of all those  important details needed to get it rolling and moving forward for almost a decade.

To the greater Haverhill Foundation and Team Haverhill -  thank you for the financial contributions and energy in making this not just a rail trail but a magnificently upgraded model that will add art and culture – You have indeed set the regional standard.

To the abutters who donated land – we all know that you were the bottom Line and that we would not be here today without your help!  You have given your city a great gift!

And Iron Horse – please keep up the great work – it is crucial to all rail trail projects throughout the Commonwealth!

Finally, and most importantly and critically , I want to recognize the contributions of  my colleagues - Senator Katy O’Connor Ives; Representatives  Diana DiZoglio and  Lenny Mirra; and especially Chairman Brian Dempsey, who included my requests for state support in both earmarks and bond appropriations.

We would not be here today without his support for investment early on.

So congratulations to all – teamwork is the bottom line here – your energy is contagious.

Now it is off to Georgetown and even greater connections – I am very much looking forward to this next step.  Thank you everyone and congratulations.

Essex Heritage comes to Methuen Memorial Music Hall for Annual Meeting

What an honor to welcome Essex Heritage to the Methuen Memorial Music Hall for their annual meeting. They do an excellent job preserving, promoting and enhancing the significant number of cultural landmarks in Essex County including our Music Hall.

Read More

2017-5-18_Spring Mtg_Methuen Memorial Music Hall_76[1] BEST

Methuen Students and Faculty Organize “Relay for Life” Event

Congratulations to Methuen students and faculty for their commitment to offering the community an opportunity to “Relay for Life".  This events allows so many families who are fighting cancer and those who want to support them to take action and be supportive of all who are battling cancer.  Special thanks to student leaders Nika Nguyen, Kaylee Rotondo and Haley Hamilton for their year-long efforts organize this powerful  community event.


Completion of the Hunking Caleb Dusting School Celebration

Great to be with the citizens of Haverhill to celebrate the completion of the Hunking Caleb Dustin School.  The students who participated in this event brought great pride to their fellow students and faculty.  Thank you Superintendent Scully for giving me an opportunity to thank and congratulate the citizens of Haverhill in their determination to build this school.  As I mentioned in my remarks, the people of Haverhill chose community over self interest and also showed that great things happen when we work together with  a democratic and respectful attitude.  To all that made this project possible – thank you and congratulations!!!!

best DSC_0056
hunking pic 3 Hunking pic 4
Hunking pic 5

Methuen JROTC Pass in Review and Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all Methuen JROTC Cadets!  Your Pass in Review and awards ceremony was outstanding and reflects great credit upon your unit, Lieutenant Colonel Stansbury, Methuen High School and our City!  Thank you for the privilege of being with you. Expecting great things next year as well!!!

DSC_0128 DSC_0210

$1.18 Million allocated to Methuen through Chapter 90 Legislation

The Massachusetts House passed legislation providing $200 million in funding for future repairs to municipal roads and bridges, also known as Chapter 90 funding. It includes 1.18 million dollars for Methuen.
Cumulatively the legislature has allocated 1 billion in bond funding over the past 5 years while still ensuring that we fall under the bond cap to remain fiscally responsible. Additionally, funding is being dispersed allocated last year for municipal bridges in need of repair that are not eligible for federal funding. This program is unique in the U.S.

Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce Event

Here with Congresswoman Niki Tsongas and former Mayor Mike Sullivan - Thank you Congresswoman Tsongas for taking the time to attend a timely event sponsored by the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce. The discussion you provided about specifics regarding President Trumps’ proposed budget and implications for Massachusetts made it very real for many of the organizations in attendance.  In sum, the cuts will be wide and deep and will require us to rethink many items important for economic development and human services as we put together our state budget. Again, thank you Congresswoman Tsongas for your time and commitment to keeping us informed.  Thanks always to the Chamber who connects us to current issues and opportunities.

Congress Woman Tsongas

Bradford Rail Trail

I want to thank all the members of the Friends of the Bradford Rail Trail in Haverhill. For many years, these dedicated and committed citizens of Haverhill have been working on the details and the nitty gritty that must be accomplished to make the rail trail a reality. We owe them our sincere thanks and appreciation for bringing this tremendous asset to Haverhill. It offers all of us an incredible opportunity to enjoy being outside along the beautiful Merrimack River, and connects the downtown and the Bradford section of the City in a fantastic way.

This rail trail is truly going to bring many landmarks together in a way that only a walking venue can. Congratulations and Thank you!!!!

 LDC Railtrail

State of the City Address

Mayor Fiorentini did a great job managing all the technology he used last night to present a dynamic and exciting State of the City address at the new Hunking School!  He presented so many projects - planned and ongoing - that take advantage of the beautiful Merrimack River. It is truly an exciting time to be part of a fantastic state delegation and city-state partnership led by Chairman Dempsey. Congratulations Mayor – congratulations Haverhill – we are truly energized!

Haverhill State of the Address Haverhill State of the Address

International Women’s Day

Today I was able to stand together with my colleagues for International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900’s on March 8 of each year. We all wore red today in support for reducing insecurity faced by women in the workplace as well as to celebrate women’s achievements.

Thankfully, I can say that the Massachusetts’ Legislature does more than just talk about what needs to get done, we actually get it done. This past year the legislature passed and Governor Baker signed the Pay Equity Act into law, which took a number of measures to reduce the gender pay gap in Massachusetts. This is a family issue because women make up 40% of primary breadwinners for families with children under the age of 18.

My hope is that as we have done in Massachusetts corporations, government agencies, and individuals from all walks of life can come together to discuss how we can continue to build on our commitment to equal rights.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Thank you Texas Road House Methuen for your support of local Veterans!!!! Thanks also to NO. Andover VSO, Gerry Maguire, Crystal Clunie and VSO’s and Veterans support groups from around the Merrimack Valley for coming out to offer their support and talk about services for our Veterans

Linda Campbell Veterans

Thank you Texas Road House Methuen for your support of local Veterans!

Methuen’s Downtown

The presentation of the possibilities for Methuen’s downtown under re-zoning was exciting. A re-zoning of the downtown to allow for residential living and retail is working for many downtowns throughout the Commonwealth. Thanks for the great work by Methuen’s Community Development Office. A public hearing and more information to come. Here with Methuen’s Assistant Director of Planning, Kathleen Colwell, and consultant Steve Harriman.

Methuen’s Assistant Director of Planning

Here with Methuen’s Assistant Director of Planning, Kathleen Colwell, and consultant Steve Harriman.

Legislators Drafting Bills Methuen Awarded Youth Violence Prevention Grant

Legislators have until the 20th of January to file Legislation if they want their Legislation to receive a public hearing during the two year session. This creates real challenges in that coordination with colleagues, state officials, and experts requires considerable time. Legislation not filed by the 20th will still receive a hearing, but not a public hearing... Read More

22nd Annual Recognition Dinner and Awards Night

exchange awards exchange awards
exchange awards exchange awards

Congratulations to the Methuen Exchange Club for hosting their 22nd Annual Recognition Dinner and Awards Night at Merrimack Golf Course. I also want to extend my congratulations, again, to the award recipients:

  • Merrimack Valley Prevent and Substance Abuse Project for receiving the Book of Golden Deeds Award;
    Your commitment and hard work to educating, supporting and providing critical services to individuals and families dealing with substance abuse in the Merrimack Valley is admirable.
  • Jack Hammond and Merrimack Golf Course for receiving the Proudly We Hail Award; we appreciate their involvement in this community as they both proudly display our nation’s flag.
  • William Kannan and Matthew Morel, of Methuen Police Department, and Michael Foley and John Hoehn, of Methuen Fire Department for receiving Police Officer(s) and Firefighter(s) of the Year; Please keep up your outstanding commitment to protecting and serving the people of Methuen as members of the Methuen Police and Fire Departments.

Thank you all for your continued efforts in Methuen, you all are true heroes!

Also a special thanks to the Exchange Club for all of the great work you do. The Methuen Exchange Club is an important community organization that promotes and honors national service and our veterans, fights to prevent child abuse, helps out individuals and supports our seniors. The Exchange Club is always looking for new members!

Design work for Methuen Rail Trail moves forward

This is a very exciting milestone for our rail trail. I want to thank my colleagues in the Legislature and Governor Baker for their support for this project. The members of the Methuen Rail trail Alliance have been instrumental in obtaining appropriations and State support for this project—Thank you!!

The Methuen Rail Trail passes right through our downtown,through a beautiful natural area, and by the MSPCA to points North. It will also bring a safe and easy way to access our downtown as we bring in more attention and development to our downtown area.

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Jimmy Pedro Jimmy Pedro

Thank you to Councilors Jennifer Kannan and Lynn Vidler and the City of Methuen for recognizing Jimmy Pedro for his Olympic achievements, his Olympic coaching accomplishments, and inspiring the youth of our community to find their passion and work as a hard as it takes to achieve their goals.

The Brick Ceremony at Nicholson Stadium

brick ceremony
The Brick Ceremony at Nicholson Stadium really highlighted the renovations at Nicholson Stadium and the outstanding team effort by donors and supporters of this important project! You can still support the Nicholson Stadium project by purchasing a brick by Thursday November 24th at

Thank you to the Methuen Exchange Club

Thank you to the Methuen Exchange Club for hosting the Children of St. Anne's at the Arthur B Hutton Memorial Mini Golf Tournament. Thank you Jay Gee's for the outstanding the ice cream sundaes. This event is such a fitting tribute to Susan and Arthur!

Thank you!


I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, Chairman Brian Dempsey and Secretaries Jay Ash, Jim Peyser, and Ronald Walker II as well as Mayor Fiorentini, Superintendent Scully, Principal Beth Kitsos, and members of the Haverhill City Council and School Committee for their involvement in the Workforce Skills Capital grant.

This state grant is providing an opportunity for high school students to expand their knowledge and vocational skills which opens many doors to careers in STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. The exceptional tour at the school gave us a better understanding on how the grant is being used. We were able to see the new health care facility, computer lab, Haverhill Bank, as well as new equipment such as 3D printers and advanced level robotics kits. This is an exciting opportunity for the high school students of Haverhill High School!!! Congrats to all!

‘Shake those fish out’: Tally hits 66 as Clean River Project pulls 3 more cars from river; 10 more to come

“Congratulations to Rocky Morrison and the Clean River Project to hauling out car #66 from the Merrimack River. The outstanding efforts of Rocky and his team have collectively pulled out 400 tons of debris from the Merrimack. Their efforts have not only improved our environment and made our river cleaner, but can help public safety professionals track down stolen cars that have made their way into the Merrimack River.”

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Ice Cream Social
Ice cream social WAS a lot of fun for delegation. Thanks to Sen Ives and Methuen Seniors!

Methuen Public Safety Officers

Methuen Public Safety Officers Methuen Public Safety Officers Methuen Public Safety Officers

It was an honor to stand with Methuen Public Safety Officers this weekend to honor those whose bravery on 9/11 gave us so much strength and courage. We will never forget. We are so grateful to our Firefighters who provided all of us with the opportunity to say thank you to those courageous Americans and their families and friends.

Methuen Rotary Project

Methuen Rotary Project to Reach a Series of Milestones Beginning
in July New I-93 Northbound On-Ramp Opens Sat., July 30

MassDOT’s Methuen Rotary Interchange Reconstruction Project reaches a major milestone on Saturday, July 30, when the first new ramp of the reconstructed interchange opens to traffic. The new I-93 northbound on-ramp is located approximately 400 feet east of the current ramp. A new signal will be installed to allow traffic from the west on Route 110/113 to safely turn left to the on-ramps.

New Traffic Patterns to I-93 Northbound On-Ramp Effective July 30:
From the east: Motorists enter new on-ramp 400 feet east of current on-ramp.
From the west: Motorists exit Rotary and travel east 400 feet to new signalized intersection. Turn left to new on-ramp.

Opening the new on-ramp is the first of several significant traffic changes that will begin in July as MassDOT’s contractor, E. T. & L. Corp., begins work on Stage 3A of the project. Stage 3A is the stage that will replace the existing Rotary with a new Route 110/113 and begin demolition of the existing Rotary bridges. Noise barrier construction and associated landscaping will also be complete in July. The project is on schedule to meet the spring 2018 completion date.

When possible, ramp openings are scheduled for weekends when traffic volumes are lower to ease the transition from old to new traffic patterns. Variable Message Signs will be positioned on Route 110 and Route 113 east and west of the interchange to alert drivers to the new on-ramp.

The map is available on the project website. Please visit the website here to sign up for e-mail advisories or contact the project team with questions and concerns.

Greg DeBrocke Scholarship

Greg DeBrocke Scholarship Greg DeBrocke Scholarship

Jack McLeod as MC, beautifully explained how much the Greg DeBrocke Scholarship meant to members of the DeBrocke Family and Exchange.

Greg, a long and very active member of Exchange, served as an Army captain during the Vietnam War.  With his passing, his family established a scholarship for Exchange that required outstanding character, academic achievement, and a commitment to future military service.

Jarrel Gary of Methuen High School and a member of the Methuen ROTC program more than met those requirements. He is off to Norwich to prepare for service with the Army.  Here with two Army vets to thank him for future service.

Methuen Exchange Club Awards

Greg DeBrocke Scholarship Greg DeBrocke Scholarship
Greg DeBrocke Scholarship

Congratulations to the Methuen Exchange Club for a heartfelt evening of recognition for Tom Gradzewicz and Scholarship recipients. Tom, and Fran, have been so generous in sharing their time and talent not only with those at the Methuen Activity Center, but also with Methuen Television. Tom and Fran - you enrich our lives beyond measure!

Democratic_Breakfast_1 Democratic_Breakfast_2
Democratic_Breakfast_3 Democratic_Breakfast_4


Team Campbell had a great start to CAMPAIGN 2016 at the Methuen Democratic Breakfast!  Our tables were sold out – our energy was the envy of the room and our opponent did not show up!!!!  THANK YOU for your support.
Unofficial Methuen Democratic Committee straw poll results were 188 for team Campbell and 6 for Christopher Katsoulis

Also – it was a privilege to honor members of the Islamic Mosque here in Methuen who contribute so much to our Methuen Community.

The Methuen Democratic Committee put on a great breakfast at a sold-out event! Thank you to all!


Congratulations to Methuen Public Schools and the City of Methuen for their excellent health and wellness event at Methuen High School.  Now, an annual initiative led by Jeff Osgood, the Health and Wellness Supervisor for Methuen Public Schools, the event featured experts in the areas of health, exercise, nutrition and recreation from Methuen and local communities.  Time well spent for our residents and students.

Ribbon Cutting for Boat Ramp

Picture 1 of 5

Today was a great day for the City of Methuen as I joined my colleagues in State and City government to open our City’s recently completed boat ramp.  It is a great asset for local residents and will allow us access to one of the most beautiful rivers in the NorthEast.  I am thankful to my colleagues who remained committed to this project over a period of many years.  Large and small boats can be launched and there is parking available for 19 vehicles with trailers.

It was a day for great celebration as President Denis Granbois of St Ann’s Home & School accepted a most incredible donation from Jack and Marci Williams that establishes a small inpatient psychiatric treatment facility for children that was very much needed in our region.    The staff at Saint Ann’s Home and School in Methuen provides residential foster care and educational services to over 140 children with psychiatric or behavioral challenges.  Saint Ann’s most outstanding and compassionate staff makes it better for these children each and every day.  Thank you to all who work with them and support them.

26th Annual Credit Union Student Essay Contest

IMG_0027 IMG_0030

Really enjoyed getting to present Kerri Horan with a citation for her award winning essay. Kerri was a finalist winner of the 26th Annual Credit Union Student Essay Contest for her outstanding essay about how our community came together to support the Nicholson Stadium Project. She's only in eighth grade but I know she has a bright future and is a testament to the outstanding teaching at the Marsh Grammar School, Methuen Public Schools and her mom Cheryl Chaille Horan!

Congrats to Perfect Dental!

Congrats to Perfect Dental located in our new shopping plaza on RT. 28 - a plaza offering food,and other shopping opportunities within walking
distance for many neighbors.

Vietnam Memorial Concert

vietnam-1 vietnam-2

It was a great concert last night in support of the Veterans Vietnam Memorial!  With a warm and welcoming set, great music, a great band, the music from the 60’s, 70’s and today got many of us singing along.  It was truly an uplifting evening!
Thanks to the Vietnam Memorial Committee who 25 years ago brought a memorial to the Merrimack Valley to honor those who gave their lives for their country in Vietnam. Thanks to these musicians who brought us together in support of this memorial-  Al and Loren Gagnon, Ed Murphy, Tom Everson, Ed and John Hays, and of course, Hoppy.  You rock!

Relay for Life

rfl-7 rfl-2
rfl-3 rfl-4
rfl-5 rfl-6

Congratulations participants, Volunteers, students, and teachers and school leaders for a very inspirational Relay for Life. The fact that students take the lead on this event says so much about our awesome school system, our teachers and school leaders and our Methuen Community!


With some former fellow paratroopers who come to this ceremony each and every year. Thank you! Your presence means a lot to the students!

This past Friday was a testimony to the strength and great spirit of ROTC-Methuen! Methuen students are clearly fired –up about this program.

As an Army officer commissioned through Army ROTC at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, it is always an honor and very inspiring to be invited to participate in this annual Methuen-ROTC assembly. Under the outstanding leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Stansbury and First Sergeant Cebula, Methuen’s ROTC program continues to grow every year.

At this annual event, Cadets are honored for their year–long achievements and new cadet leadership is formally appointed in a change of command ceremony for next year. It was also a bittersweet day as First Sergeant Gary Cebula will be retiring next December and this was his last ceremony. The respect, admiration and love that the students have for him was obvious throughout the day.

Congratulating Cadets Patel, Evans, Rivera, Heffernan, Frachette



Lt. Colonel Stansbury participates in the Change of Command Ceremony passing the leadership from outgoing Commander Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sean Cushing

Lt. Colonel Stansbury participates in the Change of Command Ceremony passing the leadership from outgoing Commander Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sean Cushing


Retired Lieutenant Colonel Donald Campbell, President of the Methuen Exchange Club presents the First Sgt Greg Debroke memorial Scholarship to Cadet Captain Jerrel Garey

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Donald Campbell, President of the Methuen Exchange Club presents the First Sgt Greg Debroke memorial Scholarship to Cadet Captain Jerrel Garey

Sergeant Cebula enjoying a lighter moment with out-going ROTC Seniors.

Sergeant Cebula enjoying a lighter moment with out-going ROTC Seniors.

Here Principal Barden, Fine Arts Director Walters, Superintendent Scannell, and myself were honored to join SGT Cebula to “inspect the troops” at the outset of the ceremony.

Here Principal Barden, Fine Arts Director Walters, Superintendent Scannell, and myself were honored to join SGT Cebula to “inspect the troops” at the outset of the ceremony.

 It was a packed House for the annual Methuen ROTC Pass in Review and Awards Ceremony

It was a packed House for the annual Methuen ROTC Pass in Review and Awards Ceremony


Methuen Softball & Baseball

In spite of this weather this week we were able to get a fun start to Methuen Softball and Baseball! Thank you league leaders for countless off -season hours of preparation. Thank you coaches and volunteers. Methuen Girl’s and Boy’s High School Teams were present in large – and were a great inspiration to our young players. Thank you Connie Doto for your involvement and your scholarship program!!!

Methuen receives $1.65 million for rail trail improvements

Kinder Morgan has suspended plans for it’s North East Energy Direct pipeline. As many of you know, this pipeline was set to have many detrimental impacts on our communities in the Merrimack Valley.

In the final analysis, Kinder Morgan could not quantify the need for additional capacity, or convince state leaders and the public that there was in fact such a need.

In Methuen, safety concerns were paramount. This pipeline is very dangerously close to homes, (within a few yards in some cases) and it transverses neighborhoods and driveways and through many wetlands. Residents have legitimate concerns regarding investments in mature landscaping that will be removed by this expansion, particularly, mature trees that add considerably to their property value.

I am so grateful for the tremendous commitment and advocacy from members of the community, Attorney General Maura Healey, State Senator Kathleen O'Connor Ives, Senator Barbara L'Italien, Representative Gary, the group Methuen Pipeline Awareness, and Methuen’s Jean Theberge, who made a major personal commitment of time and energy to research the facts regarding this proposed expansion.

We still are unsure of what the final result will be of this announcement, but it demonstrates how much we can accomplish when we work together for the right cause.

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It was a time for thanks and gratitude today as we acknowledged the great work of individuals and organizations fighting to reduce child abuse in the Merrimack Valley – the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, the Merrimack Valley Exchange Clubs, the Y’s, many Attorneys and Judges like Judge Newman of the Juvenile Court and Attorney Linda Harvey, and many more individuals and organizations. It was most fitting that we gathered today at the Methuen YMCA where Anne Whalen and her team welcomed all and have done great work to prevent child abuse.

It was especially joyful to present Attorney Harvey with citations from the House and Senate with my colleagues to honor her life-long commitment to protect and promote the well being of children. Her citation from the House read: Be it hereby known to all that The Massachusetts House of Representatives offers it's sincerest congratulations to Linda Harvey in recognition of your personal commitment to children in need and for "raising the bar for what kids can accomplish" given the opportunity.


Thank you to all who came out to my ice cream social at the Methuen Senior Center! We all enjoyed music, dancing, and delicious ice cream sundaes, some even came back for seconds! A big thank you to DJ Dick Aresenault, my volunteers, Norman, Lorraine, and my Mom, and especially to all of the staff at the Senior Center for hosting the event and for all of your hard work! It brought a big smile to my face to see so many seniors up and dancing and having good old fashioned fun!


Thank you to all the Restaurants in Methuen who participated in a very successful Restaurant Week! Thanks to the effort by the Mayor's Office the participation continues to grow! Here with Mayor Zanni, Fireside owner Tom Swerchesky, and Vice President of Align Credit Union.


I was truly honored to be invited to speak at the American Legion Auxiliary luncheon this past weekend about my experiences in the Military and bring attention to some of the work being done by American Legion Auxilary. This organization is one of the most significant groups in the country to serve our veterans, and they operate on a completely volunteer basis, which is truly remarkable. I applaud their efforts to connect Veterans to the necessary services they need, but also for creating a sense of family and community for Veterans right here in Methuen and throughout Massachusetts. I commend the leadership of National President Conaster and her commitment to assisting our growing Veteran population. It was a privilege to host her in Methuen!

A huge thank you and congratulations to Donna Blattenberger our Merrimack Valley American Legion Aux representative at this meeting. Not only did she do a great job organizing and hosting such a fantastic event, she has served our Veterans for so many years with such grace and enthusiasm.

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I was so glad to welcome Methuen and Haverhill students, Ryan Hamilton, Nyomi White, and Madeline Coady, to the State House Friday for the 69th Annual Massachusetts Student Government Day. I applaud these students for their involvement in student government, and for their interest in civic engagement and the political process.


Really enjoyed celebrating St. Patrick's day
with Methuen's seniors and the wonderful folks who dedicate their time and efforts at Methuen's Senior Center!
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Congratulations to the City of Lawrence and organizers for a wonderful St Pat’s Day Parade! Thank you Congresswoman Tsongas for always participating!

Stadium clubhouse ready for spring sports

Yesterday we celebrated in Methuen as we officially opened the new clubhouse at Nicholson Stadium!  It was very rewarding to see the great facilities for our young athletes.  I was thankful to have the opportunity to thank our Mayor and City Council, our school administrators and teachers, Steve Saba and members of the Methuen Athletic Improvement Committee, and most importantly the citizens of Methuen who made a personal commitment to this project. This project brought our community together in a great way that will remain with us for a long time.

I am especially thankful to my colleagues in the Legislature, especially members of our delegation, who helped to secure state funding for this project.

Here's my quote from today's article in The Eagle Tribune:

"We needed this," said State Rep. Linda Dean Campbell. "I know for a fact that women athletes here had to change in their cars, or even sometimes in bushes, and that's just wrong. As a female athlete in high school and college, Amen to this."
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So grateful today to be able to stand with Speaker DeLeo, Chairman Dempsey, Chairwoman Malia, Governor Baker, many of my colleagues, law enforcement and many families who have been affected by the opioid epidemic, to sign into law a bill that is comprehensive in addressing the opioid crisis. I was thankful that an amendment I filed was part of the legislation which requires more coordination between emergency room physicians and primary care physicians.

This is clearly only one more step in what will be a never-ending commitment for the legislature as we continue to address this tragedy. As I mentioned in the Eagle Tribune, it will required that government and society pull all levers indefinitely – suppression, education, intervention, and treatment.

My office gave an informational briefing at the Methuen Senior Center on the Senior “Circuit Breaker” Tax Credit. This tax credit, which was initiated by the legislature in 2001, is a refundable credit on income tax for some of the property tax paid on a Massachusetts Property. Our senior population already faces financial burdens, in addition to the burden of local property taxes. This tax credit offers some relief to those who are eligible. If any seniors have questions about this tax credit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office @ 617-722-2430.

It's always fantastic to see young people enthusiastic and involved with government. Yesterday high school students from around the Commonwealth, including two students from Methuen, came to the State House for Massachusetts Youth and Government Day for a model legislature conference. I applaud Methuen students Jennifer Sok and Mildred Reyes hard work and interest in the political process that brought them to Beacon Hill!

It was a privilege to be with Firefighters from all over Massachusetts, and especially with Methuen’s Firefighters at their recent annual Legislative gathering. Thank you for all you do each and every day to protect us – and for your participation and contribution to so many community service programs in Methuen!

Press Release March 8th, 2016

Ways and Means Committee Hearing brings Statewide focus to Methuen and the Merrimack Valley

Project Update: March 2016


During the month of March, the following activities will continue on the I-93 at Routes 110 and 113 Interchange Reconstruction – Methuen Rotary project:

  • Install catch basins, manholes and pipe at the existing and new ramps at I-93 north and southbound
  • Relocate and replace utilities within the existing rotary
  • Work on utilities on Routes 110 and 113 east and west of the rotary
  • Install foundations for overhead sign supports
  • Install foundations for traffic signal mast arms
  • Form concrete deck for the west sections of the I-93 bridge over the relocated Route 110/113

Work Hours:

  • For daytime work on I-93 – 5:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • For nighttime work on I-93 – 8:00 pm to 5:00 am
  • For daytime work on local roads – 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Expected Lane Closures:

  • Single lane on I-93 northbound from 5:30 am to 2:00 pm
  • Single lane on I-93 southbound from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Double lane on I-93 southbound from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am
  • Single lane on local roads from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


When: Next Monday, March 7, 2015 @ 7:00 PM 
Where: Dracut American Legion, 574 Broadway Road (Rt. 113), Dracut, MA 01826

Special Guest Speaker: State Director of Toxics Action (Claire Miller) on responding to the DPU and the Proposed "pipeline tax"

*** Preparing for public hearings to be held on Thursday, March 10
*** New Maps showing KM's proposed Route in Dracut
*** Updated information on FERC intervention


Read Across America

Read Across America is an annual event that I truly look forward to each year. This year I was at the Marsh school in Methuen. It is amazing how much you can learn from children in a very short period of time! This year our book generated a great discussion about bats, friendship and family. Looking forward to next year!


Congratulations to the elected leaders of Haverhill on electing to join the Compact. The legislature secured significant funds for this program, including over $2 million to support Community Compact grants. In it's essence, the Community Compact initiative demonstrates the importance of state and local partnerships and how it is a top priority in the legislature to support those partnerships.

American Heart Association’s Annual Awareness Campaign

This past week – many of my colleagues “Dressed in Red” to support the American Heart Association’s annual awareness campaign to highlight that one in three deaths among women each year are from stroke or cardiac events.  The good news for all of us guys and gals is that 80% of cardiac and strokes can be prevented!  Get to work everybody!!!

Notice: The Methuen Exchange Club is proud to be offering the following 5 scholarships:

Student of the Year:  3 Scholarships @ $1,000/each.  Based on grades, and community involvement.

Arthur Hutton Memorial Scholarship: 1 Scholarship @ $1,000.  Focused on applicants continuing their education in the engineering/construction field and must have participated in sports while attending high school.

Gregory Dubrocke Memorial Scholarship: 1 Scholarship @ $1,000.  Applicants must have been deeply involved with community service, been in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and continuing in the U.S. Military.

Please see actual applications for complete eligibility and judging requirements.

All public and private high school seniors who are legal residents of Methuen and will be attending a college are eligible.

Scholarship applications have been forwarded to all local public and private school guidance departments.

Please feel free to contact Gregory Doyle, Scholarship Chairman, directly with any questions.  work: 978-688-4099

Thank you to the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce for a very worthwhile program featuring an update from our Congresswoman- Niki Tsongas.  As always, Congresswoman Tsongas provided all of us with important and timely information regarding Congressional action to promote economic development and business growth in the Commonwealth and the Merrimack Valley.  Here we are discussing the importance contracts recently awarded to Lincoln Labs affiliated with Hanscom AFB and MIT.  These large government contracts for research on high level security national defense systems are critical to maintaining the continuation of Hanscom AFB and contribute in a major way to our national security.

Congresswoman Tsongas also provided an excellent briefing on her recent trip to Japan that highlighted the important trade relationships that exist between Japan and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thank you Congresswoman for the numerous and  constant  opportunities you provide to meet with your constituents.  

With my colleagues at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Middleton MA -  where we were provided an excellent briefing by Sheriff Cousins and his team on the promising program of pretrial treatment for non-felon and non- violent offenders  suffering from substance abuse.  These offenders are screened and agree to faithfully participate in a 28 day program of detox and comprehensive treatment  in lieu of incarceration  before returning in front of a Judge for sentencing.  This program – initiated by Sheriff Cousins and his team - is being followed by the Legislature as a way to keep those suffering from substance abuse, and in crisis, out of jail and helping them to avoid relapsing and reentering the criminal justice system. It is both a compassionate and cost-saving initiative.  

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