Have an interest in public service?

Want to spend time gaining a valuable experience and first hand education in the inner-workings of government?  We're seeking highly motivated students interested in a hands-on experience in our Commonwealth’s government.

The State House is a great place to learn how government works. Be a part of the legislative process; help constituents locate appropriate resources, learn how committees work, how to file legislation, participate in meetings with federal, state, and local officials. I gladly invite students to apply for internships at my office. Get hands on experience, and see if public service is in your future. Overall, I can guarantee it will be a great experience!

Internship Responsibilities
Legislative offices are unique and they each have their own set of needs, so an intern’s experience varies by office. The following is an example of possible legislative intern responsibilities:

Legislative Research

Research Bills - the objective is to summarize what the proposal is and who are its proponents and opponents.

Research Issues - your supervisor may have you research legislative issues and issues pertaining to the Legislator’s district.

Attend Hearings - all legislation is heard before committees before coming to the floor for further action.

Observe Floor Action - according to the Constitution of Massachusetts, the Legislature is required to meet in their respective Chambers for either a formal or informal session every 72 hours. The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House determine the days and times of the sessions.

Constituent Services
As an intern, you may be asked to work with residents of the communities in the Legislator’s district. This may include assisting constituents in resolving a problem, fielding calls regarding legislative inquires, or drafting correspondence.

Administrative Duties
Other various administrative duties are central to the success of a legislator’s office and may include: answering phones, typing, filing, and preparing mailings, letter writing, copying data and performing office errands and reading and researching state and local news articles.

Please send your resume and cover letter to my office
and we will arrange a time for you to come into the office.


Representative Linda Dean Campbell
State House, Room 237
Boston, MA 02133



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