Other Issues & Bills

Representative Campbell advocates on behalf of numerous issues and supports various bills. Below are some other bills Representative Campbell has supported in the 2011-2014 Legislative Session:

EBT/Welfare Reform

After spending time in the Lawrence Transitional Assistance Office observing the application process, speaking with DTA employees, and meeting with the new interim DTA Commissioner, I am convinced that much more can be done to prevent fraud, waste and abuse. The following are specific measures which I have and shall continue to support... Read More>>

H422 - An Act requiring the posting of security for the seizure and impoundment of animals
This bill would make a few, mostly technical, changes in this statute that passed in 2002 that remedied a problem that occurs when animals must be seized as the result of cruelty investigations. The law now allows an authority that seizes an animal pursuant to applicable Massachusetts law for alleged cruelty or neglect to request the court to order a refundable security/bond to cover the costs of caring for the animal during the period of time the animal is held until the case is adjudicated.

The changes in this bill are designed to address those issues that have come up in practice and that have limited this law from being as effective as a tool as it can be. Additionally, since animal cruelty became a felony in 2004, some of the language is now outdated and would be fixed with this bill.

H861 - An Act relative to competitively priced electricity in the Commonwealth
The combination of high electricity rates, massive new energy programs, and the lack of rate transparency resulting in rate shock sends an unmistakable message to employers about expanding or continuing operations in Massachusetts, and jeopardizes the retention and growth of jobs. This bill corrects a few of the errors contained in the original Green Communities Act to be more explicit and precise about costs, revenues and programs.

H1306 - An Act relative to Shared Parenting
The legislation calls on the Court to consider the physical, mental, moral and emotional health of the child/children in all cases of divorce. Further, in making an order or judgment relative to the custody of a minor child, the Court shall presume that, absent emergency conditions, or abuse or neglect of the child, the parents shall have shared legal and physical custody.

H1336 - An Act to protect privacy and personal data
This bill protects Massachusetts residents’ privacy, personal data, and First Amendment rights in the context of government data collection. It prohibits law enforcement collection of information about individuals’ political and religious views, associations, or activities without reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct. It also establishes practical standards to ensure that government collection of our personal information is conducted in a secure, accountable manner, and establishes necessary transparency and oversight structures.

H1631- An Act relative to the retirement benefits of certain employees of DCF
This legislation would re-classify social workers who work for the Department of Children and Families from Group 1 to Group 2 retirement category.

H1732 - An Act to encourage retirement savings
In 2008, the Department of Revenue started enforcing a provision of the General Laws that prohibits self-employed people (including partners in law firms, accounting firms and other partnerships) from making 401(k) plan contributions on a pre-tax basis as federal law allows. As a result of the inconsistent treatment of 401(k) plan contributions, self-employed Massachusetts taxpayers are taxed up front under state law on their retirement plan contributions, making it more costly for them to save money now for their retirement.

This bill would make state law consistent with federal law. It also creates a safe haven by prohibiting the Department of Revenue from penalizing taxpayers who made these contributions on a pre-tax basis prior to 2009.

H2433 - An Act Relative to State Employee Pension
This legislation will limit all state pensions to a cap of no more than 65% of the sitting Governor’s salary.

H2964 - An Act to Provide Health Insurance Parity for Municipalities and Local Taxpayers
The bill would take health insurance completely out of collective bargaining and allow the municipal executive to adjust and set municipal health insurance plan design so as to reduce costs and save services and jobs.

H3003 - An Act to establish tax transparency and strength the reporting requirements of public charities and to establish reporting requirement for the trustees and directors of public charities
This Right-to-Know bill seeks to broaden the current reporting requirements for private, non-profit, Massachusetts colleges and universities and their related organizations for the purpose of better informing the citizens of the Commonwealth on the total cost of public subsidies and tax exemptions that are granted to these institutions. These provisions would supplement the current filings made to the Attorney General.

S304 - An Act relative to disclosure of political spending
This bill is designed to fill in the gaps in Massachusetts campaign finance law in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC. This bill will 1) eliminate unconstitutional language 2) clarify that current disclosure and reporting requirements apply to all political communications allowed under the law 3) require corporations and labor unions paying for political advertisements to disclose their spending even if the advertisements are made by another group or entity 4) requires those entities or groups to report on funds they receive 5) require organizations spending large amounts on political advertisements to register as political committees 6) require political advertisements to include disclaimer statements that identify their top contributors 7) prevent coordination between candidates and outside groups and 8) Ban on contributions, independent expenditure, and electioneering communications by foreign nationals and foreign-controlled corporations.

S461 - An Act banning the use of certain socio-economic factors for insurance underwriting and rating of motor vehicle liability insurance
This bill would require auto premiums to be based on an individual’s driving record and years of driving experience, not socio-economic factors such as credit scores, education, and occupation.

S665 - A Bill to Reform and Improve Alimony
This legislation provides for the following: clear and categorical definitions for alimony terms, along with durational limits for alimony benefits; the termination of general alimony at retirement; deals with the issue of cohabitation by recipient spouse; modifies factors considered in an alimony order and the percentage of needs; and allows for a phase-in time structure for modifications to be filed with the court.



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