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Rep Campbell appointed to leadership posts in 2015-2016 Legislative Session.

Representative Campbell has been assigned to:

  • Joint Committee on Public Safety as the Vice Chair
  • Joint Committee on Ways and Means/ House Committee on Ways and Means
  • Joint Committee on Economic Development and New Technologies
  • Joint Committee on State Administration

Bills Sponsored and Co-Sponsored by Representative Linda Dean Campbell in 2015-2016 Session

Sponsored Legislation
Cosponsored Legislation

Substance Abuse
Government Transparency and Fiscal Discipline
Economic Development
Environment and Energy
Public Safety
Public Service

Representative Campbell has proposed the following pieces of legislation this session:

An Act relative to the annual observance of Massachusetts Women’s Defense Corps Remembrance Day

This bill establishes annual observance of the Massachusetts Women's Defense Corps (MWDC) Remembrance Day in recognition of the service of the women who volunteered service in the MWDC during WWII. The MWDC personnel were called to active duty many times to support the State Guard during training, natural disasters, emergency situations and for other missions. All activities, missions, and active duties were conducted at no cost to the government. The story of the MWDC has been virtually unknown and the only recognition that Corps personnel received was the award of a ribbon for three years service.

H.2958 - An Act concerning the safety of school children embarking and disembarking school buses

This legislation authorizes local jurisdictions to operate digital video installed on the outside of school buses for the purpose of detecting and enforcing violations against the owner of a motor vehicle whose vehicle fails to stop for a school bus when required to do so. This issue is of particular importance after a driver struck a high school student in Methuen at the end of last year.
H.1221 - An Act relative to do-not-resuscitate orders

This is a piece of legislation by request of Frances F Gradzewicz of Methuen. Allows the department of public health with proper safeguards to provide health care providers with a standardized medical form whereby a patient, an authorized representative of a patient who is an incapacitated person or a parent or guardian of a patient who is a minor, may consent in writing to a do-not-resuscitate order.
Thank you for your time and consideration and please contact me if I can provide any additional information.

H.2460 - An Act Relative to Veterans Property Tax Abatement

This act would give tax relief to landlords who lease property to Veterans at reduced rates.

H.1897 - An Act relative to drug overdose deaths

This bill expands Hospital reporting requirements to law enforcement to include deaths from drug overdose. This wouldn't impact the privacy of individuals who did die from overdose, but would allow law enforcement to be aware of drug overdoses from reporting hospitals in the same way they are currently of firearm deaths.

H.1222 - An Act to assist the investigation of serious crimes

This bill would make a few, mostly technical, changes in a statute that passed in 2002 that addressed a problem that occurs when animals must be seized as the result of cruelty prosecutions.
The changes key this bill would make include:
• Updating the language in the statute to reflect that animal cruelty became a felony in 2004.
• Allowing the district attorney to file the petition for the bond. It would, in many cases, be more efficient to allow the bond issue to be addressed as part of the prosecution. Many local police departments seize animals and this would particularly help them.
• Making other changes including 1) acknowledging that substantial expenses can be incurred before the judicial decision on the petition, 2) eliminating ambiguity if the defendant fails to post the bond, and 3) adding language relating to when the seizing authority has already incurred the security amount, and 4) clarifying what happens if an animal is suffering and needs to be humanely euthanized during the period when the bond is posted.
• The bill has the support of the Massachusetts District Attorney Association (MDAA), police departments, animal control officers and animal protection organizations.
The bill has the support of the Massachusetts District Attorney Association (MDAA), police departments, animal control officers and animal protection organizations.

H.2459 - An Act relative to property tax exemptions for certain persons

This legislation will exempt paraplegic veterans who received an honorable discharge from property taxes. Importantly, this exemption will be extended to the spouses of these veterans upon the death of the veteran providing that the spouse remains the owner of the property. This legislation received a favorable report from the Revenue Committee last session.

H.2102 - An Act relative to mental illness and firearms

Presently there are no means by which medical and mental health professionals can report individuals who should not be in possession of firearms because of temporary or permanent mental health impairment. While these professionals have a duty to report those they believe presently pose a danger to themselves or others, there is no data repository to which individuals who may lack the necessary capacity to possess firearms may be reported. It is hoped that such a data repository will prevent several suicides by firearm each year and a smaller number of homicides by those who are mentally ill than would otherwise occur.
Health care professionals will be immune from any civil or criminal liability pertaining to any reports they make or fail to make in good faith.

Under this legislation, the State Police shall establish a central repository so that mental health and other health care professionals can report those, who in their professional judgment should not be able to possess firearms temporarily. Local chiefs of police will consult a State Police designee to determine if an individual applying for a firearm license has been placed on this data repository.
All licensed mental health professionals; physicians; nurse practitioners; and physician assistants will now be professionally required to report patients whom they determine are not temporarily competent to possess a firearm to a data repository, which can only be accessed by State Police designees. The health care provider shall be able to remove or modify any patient they flag, and the flag must be renewed on an annual basis or expire.

Local police chiefs who issue firearm licenses will check the repository for a mental health flag. A current mental health flag shall serve as a valid reason to deny or delay issue or renewal of a firearm license. Anyone denied a license or renewal will be able to appeal to both an administrative board and, after that, to the District Court as well.

It is not the intent of this legislation to permanently disqualify these individuals from legally owning firearms. The intent is to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally incompetent, those with diminished capacity that desire to hurt others, and those suffering from depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), very treatable and most frequently temporary conditions, unless made terminal by suicide.

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Representative Campbell has Co-Sponsored the following pieces of legislation this session:

Substance Abuse

H.344 - An Act relative to substance abuse education in public schools

This legislation expands substance abuse and heroin diversion education programs in public schools in coordination with DPH and DESE.

H.1806 - An Act relative to diversion to substance abuse treatment for non-violent drug offenders
This bill would provide individuals facing first and second time non-violent, drug offenses an opportunity to be evaluated by a licensed addiction specialist to determine if they are drug-dependent and would benefit from treatment. If so, the person can request assignment to a drug treatment facility. This would stay their drug offense court proceedings until the drug treatment program is completed.

H.3755 - An Act relative to the trafficking of Fentanyl

Any person who traffics in fentanyl, or any derivative thereof, by knowingly or intentionally manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or possessing with intent to manufacture, distribute, dispense, or by bringing into the commonwealth a net weight of more than 10 grams of fentanyl or any derivative thereof or any mixture containing more than 10 grams of fentanyl or any derivate thereof shall be punished by a term of imprisonment in state prison for not more than 20 years.

H.1935 - An Act relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances

As you know, opiate addiction is an epidemic. The black market for prescription opiates feeds this epidemic and the source of many of these black market drugs is forged prescriptions. One of the solutions to decreasing illegal trafficking of opiates is to eliminate paper-based prescriptions which can be forged, altered, or stolen and require electronic prescribing which sends the prescription directly from the prescriber to the pharmacy. In 2010, the DEA revised their regulations to allow for the electronic prescribing of these drugs, and they established regulations for doing so. Both New York and Minnesota have recently passed legislation requiring e-prescribing of opiates and this bill would instate the same requirement in Massachusetts. The timing of this effort is important since some are concerned that the newly implemented e-prescribing requirement in New York may lead to a shift in black market activity to Massachusetts. This bill requires electronic prescribing for all controlled substances. It also requires pharmacies to update the Prescription Monitoring Program daily as opposed to weekly in an effort to improve prescription information available to doctors and reduce doctor shopping.

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S.2080 - An Act providing for distinctive registration plates for certain veterans who participated in the testing of atomic weapons

Between 1945 and 1963, the United States conducted some 235 atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific and the American Southwest. At least 220,000 American servicemen and women witnessed and participated in these tests, or served in forces occupying Hiroshima and Nagasaki immediately following World War II. Many of these veterans are suffering from cancer and other diseases as a direct result of radiation damage during their military service to their country. On top of this, they were also sworn to secrecy regarding their service for over 40 years. This legislation goes a small way in honoring these veterans by establishing an Atomic Veterans License Plate in Massachusetts.

S.1534 - An Act relative to veteran’s property tax abatement

This bill is an important act to support veterans, veterans’ families and the communities they live in. Specifically this bill would provide tax relief to landlords who rent homes to veterans and their families at rates below the market value. In addition this act would also make veterans who own property and have a service-connected disability eligible for a property tax exemption.

Pending approval by local authorities (city council or town council) landlords offering veterans or their family members below market rents would be eligible for an annual property tax rebate of $3000.
Pending local approval veterans and their families would also be eligible for the low-income home energy assistance program or LIHEAP
Pending local approval veterans with service-connected disabilities would also be eligible for a $400 property tax exemption

H.3243 - An act providing free access to certain parks and recreation areas to Purple Heart Recipients.

This bill gives free access to state parks, forests, and reservation areas to purple hear recipients

H.1125 - An Act relative to public housing determination for veterans

This legislation ensures that benefits received by veterans and/or their spouses will not negatively impact their eligibility for housing assistance.

H.1641 - An Act relative to the false representation of military status

This bill makes it a crime to fraudulently represent oneself as a member of the military or recipient of the Medal of Honor if the intention is to obtain money, property or another tangible benefit.

H.3126 - An Act relative to the cost of veteran higher education

Specifically, this bill seeks to waive fees at public community colleges, state colleges and state universities in Massachusetts for all of our armed forces personal and veterans. The bill simply restores educational benefits that have eroded over time due to ever increasing fees at institutions of higher education. As you know, fees have increasingly become a greater percentage of overall costs at colleges and universities. When the Veteran Tuition Waiver law was passed in 1991, tuition was much more expensive than the various fees imposed by colleges and universities. Since 2003, college and university fees have risen on average 88.17% and now far outpace the tuition costs, which are currently waived for our military veterans and national guardsmen. This new tuition and fee landscape is much different than the ratio veterans faced in 1991. This bill does not create a new benefit for veterans, but rather updates and restores benefits given to them back in 1991. The result of the legislation will be increased access to higher education for our military veterans. Military veterans are attractive to employers in that they are disciplined, work well in teams, have a strong work ethic and sense of duty. In addition, higher education enrollment will allow these military veterans increased access to public health services that they may not otherwise receive. Many returning veterans face issues of substance abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicide. Ultimately, this bill will benefit Massachusetts by the development of a strong workforce with unique skills ready to take on the challenges of the global economy.

H.3135 - An Act relative to burial expenses for veterans

This bill requires that funeral directors make available to potential clients information regarding funeral and burial benefits for veterans. A written statement shall be signed by the funeral director and potential client verifying this information.

H.3159 - An Act relative to shelter benefits for veterans

Makes spending on shelter benefits for veterans mandatory spending that isn’t subject to the annual appropriation process.

H.3158 - An Act relative to the Secretary of the Department of Veteran’s Services

This bill makes the secretary of veterans’ services a member of the Governor’s cabinet.

H.3157 - An Act relative to tax credits for homeless veteran housing

This bill directs the Department of Housing and Community Development to require that as part of the development of the Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) for 2011, the Department must set-aside no less than 10% of its allocated tax credits for projects sponsored by nonprofits that will provide permanent housing for formerly homeless veterans in a service-based multifamily property and projects of no fewer than 20 units

H.3156 - An Act relative to veteran discrimination

Prohibits discrimination against veterans in employment decisions, including, but not limited to hiring, discharging, and granting of compensation; defines veterans as persons who served more than 180 days of active service in any branch of the military.

H.3155 - An Act relative to burial benefits of veterans

This bill sets limits on the cost of veteran’s funeral costs provided that the family lacks the finances to pay for the costs of a traditional funeral.

H.3151 - An Act relative to the appointment of veteran’s agents and service officers

This bill provides clarification about the appointment of veteran’s agents and service officers and grants them the same rights and protections as veterans holding specifically classified civil service jobs

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Government Transparency and Fiscal Discipline

S.1700 An Act relative to obtaining information

This legislation increases access to public records. A custodian of a public record shall, within ten days following receipt of a request for inspection or copy of a public record, comply with such request. The bill also sets rules for public records access, if the custodian does not hand over public records then the person who requested the public record can appeal to their supervisor, and the Attorney General.

H.2772 - An Act to improve public records

This bill creates a responsive and accountable process for citizens requesting public records and puts penalties in place for government officials who fail to respond to public information requests in a timely manner.

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Economic Development

S.1532 - An Act relative to growing the creative economy

This legislation promotes the sales of original works of art, by allowing no tax to be charged to any individual who has a principal place of business situated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and to sales of individual original works of art of not more than $5,000. This includes a painting, drawing, print, photograph, giclee, limited editions lithograph, graphic design or other like picture; a work of sculpture, etching, ceramic, clay, glass, fiber, leather, metal, wood, mixed media, or silk screen, as well as crafts, made by the hand of the artist or under the artist’s direction which is not intended for mass production.

S.1094 – An Act relative to Parking Advancements for the Revitalization of Communities (PARC)

This is a local option bill that modernizes state laws by allowing cities and towns to utilize variable, or demand-based, pricing and the latest technologies to implement municipal economic development strategies. It defines “parking benefit district” as a geographically defined area in a city or town in which parking revenues collected there are dedicated to improvements in that area. Also makes it clear that revenues collected from parking fees may be used for a wide range of transportation-related uses including enhancements and improvements to the streetscape and investments in transportation facilities.

H.245 - An Act relative to small brewers

This bill will update antiquated regulations governing the relationship between brewers and their distributors. Leaving intact most of the current regulation, this bill contains two provisions; the first inserts a 90 day binding arbitration clause into the existing process used to settle disputes between brewers and distributors. Currently disputes drag on for years and years while the brewer is still obligated to depend on the distributor he is fighting legally to sell his beer. The second provision defines those brewer/distributor relationships that would be eligible for the binding arbitration process when necessary. Wholesalers will still be compensated whenever a brewer moves to a new wholesaler regardless of the reason why.

H.1498 - An Act relative to vacant, foreclosing and foreclosed property in the Commonwealth

The upsurge in vacant properties in our state has made fronting money for upkeep, securing and code enforcement of neglected properties prohibitive for Cities and Towns. This bill defines additional municipal powers to specify state sanitary code requirements are necessary for resident’s health and safety. This bill will help Cities and towns secure refundable cash bonds from owners of vacant, foreclosing and foreclosed properties to help pay for upkeep, security, and code enforcement.

H.2503 - An Act relative to access to capital for business growth in economically distressed communities

This legislation provides economic incentives for businesses to locate themselves in economically distressed areas, particularly in gateway cities throughout the Commonwealth.

H.2524 - An Act relative to the establishment of a means tested senior citizen property tax exemption

This legislation will allow, by local option, municipalities to exempt up to 50% of real estate tax for seniors whose annual property taxes exceed ten percent of their annual income.

H.3514 - An Act relative to the sales tax of motor vehicles

This bill would allow the Department of Revenue to lower the tax valuation of a car older than 25 years if conditions warrant a lower price

S.1096 - An Act creating a commission to study the effects of unfunded mandates on municipalities

This bill establishes a commission to review unfunded mandates on municipalities.

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Environment and Energy

H.659 - An Act preventing the disposal of hydraulic fracturing wastewater

This bill prohibits the collection, storage or disposal of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing

H.710 - An Act amending the conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation statutes

This bill amends conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation restrictions providing non-development covenants on land.

S.450 An Act preventing the disposal of hydraulic fracturing wastewater

One of the many hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the voluminous toxic wastewater produced in need of disposal. Even if no fracking takes place in Massachusetts, we risk being on the receiving end of the fracking boom in nearby states. This bill would ban such dumping thus protecting land and water resources.

H.2870 - An Act relative to protecting consumers of gas and electricity from paying for leaked and unaccounted for gas

Ratepayers foot the bill annually for the lost and unaccounted for gas that seeps through the aging, leaky natural gas pipelines under our feet. Utility companies are responsible for repairing these gas leaks or replacing the pipes, but with the ability to pass the cost on to the consumer, they don’t have the incentive to do so. This legislation will incentivize repair or replacement of gas pipes by prohibiting utilities from charging ratepayers for the cost of lost and unaccounted for gas. This legislation would encourage efficiency in every step of the process, benefitting consumers and the environment. Pennsylvania and Texas have already passed legislation prohibiting utilities from passing these costs on to consumers and businesses; we should act quickly and become the third state to do so.

H.2871 - An Act relative to gas leak repairs during road projects

Under the gas leaks law signed by Governor Patrick in 2014, all grade 1 and grade 2 gas leaks under a road dug up for a construction project must be repaired while the road is open. However, the law does not address grade 3 leaks in these construction zones. While grade 3 leaks may not pose an immediate explosion hazard, the leaking pipes waste money and contribute to methane emissions. This bill would require all leaks, including grade 3 leaks, to be repaired when a road is opened up for a construction project. It is a common sense addition to existing regulation that will save ratepayers money.

H.3528 - An Act relative to the process for increasing utility rates

This bill requires an electric company to receive approval from the Department of Public Utilities - pending public hearings - for any rate increase

An Act Relative To Air Quality Monitoring With New Gas Pipeline Facilities In the Commonwealth

This legislation would require the monitoring of new gas pipeline facilities in the Commonwealth.

H.3776 - An Act relative to adjudicatory proceedings involving gas and electric companies

This bill seeks to address a flaw in the statute governing which entities may intervene in certain adjudicatory proceedings involving gas and electric companies.

This legislation arises from a recent case (DPU 15-48) involving a proposed precedent agreement between Berkshire Gas Company and the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (Kinder Morgan) which has proposed the Northeast Direct gas pipeline project through parts of western Massachusetts. I joined a citizen group, legislative colleagues, and municipal officials in my district to seek full intervenor status in the proceeding. The DPU rejected our full intervenor status, saying that we were not "substantially and specifically affected by the proceeding," I find it absurd for the DPU to say that legislators do not have a stake in such cases, especially when there is much historic precedent for the DPU to grant intervenor status to members of The General Court.

Therefore, this bill proposes to take away the discretion of the DPU and to require it to grant full intervenor status in cases before it to: members of The General Court in the impacted area, a municipality in the impacted area, and any 10 citizens who are ratepayers of the utility.

S.1761 – An Act relative to home energy efficiency

Requires sellers of homes to complete a MassSave energy assessment and disclose an energy rating determined by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to potential buyers. The goal of this legislation is to make energy costs of our homes transparent to consumers and to empower them to make cost-effective energy improvements to their homes.

S.1781 - An Act to regulate hydraulic fracturing

This bill imposes a statewide ban on any efforts towards extracting natural gas involving the use of toxic chemicals or through the process hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.”

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Public Safety

An Act relative to safe driving and open containers

This bill ensures safer driving by designating fines for situations when an “open container” of a prescription bottle, plastic bag, or other receptacle used to contain a narcotic drug or marijuana is found in a motor vehicle.

D4573: An Act Relative To Offenses While Operating on a Suspended License

On Father’s Day 2014, Haley Cremer was killed when a man operating on a suspended license drove off the road and hit her as she was out for a jog in a residential neighborhood. Under current laws, the fact that his license was repeatedly suspended was inadmissible during trial, and find that his punishment was inadequate. In response, the Massachusetts District Attorneys’ Association and the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office to draft legislation that would stiffen penalties on those who injure or kill while operating on a suspended license.

H.2021 An Act further regulating the sale of tobacco products to teenagers

This bill would increase the age a person can purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21, and designates a fine to anyone who sells tobacco to someone under 21.

H.92 - An Act relative to the best interests of children

This act will realizes children are defenseless and that there is no greater moral obligation upon this Legislature than to provide for the care and protection of our children and that our child welfare system needs to be strengthened by establishing a clear policy of the Commonwealth that the best interests of the children must be paramount and shall have precedence at every stage of court proceedings. The best interests of the child shall be the standard for court determinations as to whether a child should be removed from a home, temporarily or permanently, wherein the child has been abused or neglected, remain in a home wherein the child has been abused or neglected or reunited with his or her family in a home wherein the child has been abused or neglected.

H.112 - An Act protecting Department of Children and Families social worker’s home addresses

This bipartisan bill protects Social workers who often testify in highly sensitive court cases from having their home addresses revealed in such court cases, ensuring that they are able to do their jobs adequately without fear of retribution.

S.1861 - An Act relative to out of state drivers

This legislation would increase the penalty to residents that are driving a car registered in another state from $250-$500, and would further increase the penalty to those that register their car in another state to evade taxes to a minimum fine of $500 from $200 with a maximum fine of not more than $1000.

H.226 - An Act regulating secondary metals dealings

This legislation addresses the growing problem of secondary metal theft. The bill creates a local registration for scrap metal dealers, requires dealers to tag and hold suspect items for 48 hours, and specifies items that are unacceptable for dealers to receive without proper authorization. Ultimately, the bill increases the difficulty for thieves to sell stolen metals

H.1369 - An Act relative to the recidivism reducing program reporting by the Commissioner of the Department of Correction

This bill would require the Dept. of Corrections to report on the outcomes of programs designed to reduce recidivism.

H.2976 - An Act concerning the safety of school children embarking and disembarking school buses

This legislation authorizes local jurisdictions to operate digital video installed on the outside of school buses for the purpose of detecting and enforcing violations against the owner of a motor vehicle whose vehicle fails to stop for a school bus when required to do so. This issue is of particular importance after a driver struck a high school student in Methuen at the end of last year.

H.3095 - An Act concerning the safety of school children embarking and disembarking school buses

This legislation authorizes local jurisdictions to operate digital video installed on the outside of school buses for the purpose of detecting and enforcing violations against the owner of a motor vehicle whose vehicle fails to stop for a school bus when required to do so. This issue is of particular importance after a driver struck a high school student in Methuen at the end of last year.

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S.520 - An Act providing health insurance coverage for scalp hair prosthesis

This bill entitles dependent children of firefighters or police officers killed in the line of duty under nineteen years of age to continued receipt of insurance benefits notwithstanding the remarriage or death of the surviving spouse.

S.537 - An Act relative to prescription drug voice synthesizers

The legislation requires health insurance companies that offer prescription drug coverage to insure “talking prescription bottles” - recording devices attached to pill bottles that describe their contents at the push of a button. People with visual impairments, senior citizens taking multiple medications, and non-native English speakers often have a difficult time managing prescriptions. This device allows pharmacists to record the prescription name and provide verbal information on when and how to take the drugs, their side effects, and what the medications are meant to treat. Covering talking prescription bottles will not only improve quality of life; it also addresses a major safety issue that can be solved at a minimal expense.

S.176 - An Act to provide increased access to hearing aids

This legislation l seeks to make accessing hearing aids easier by preventing physicians from selling or having any business interest in companies that sell hearing aid products. Additionally, certain disclosures must be made to the purchaser of hearing instruments such as fees for service and specific requirements for the terms of sale. The language requires that all hearing instrument specialists must be licensed in Massachusetts. This rule does not apply to: a person who only repairs or manufactures hearing instruments or both, or person engaged in the sale of assisted listening devices but not dispensing of hearing aids.

H.70 - An Act regarding spouses as caregivers

This bill would allow spouses to be included as paid caregivers in the MassHealth program.

H.901 - An Act relative to Lyme disease treatment coverage

Currently, under the Physician Protection Act physicians who prescribe long-term antibiotic treatment are protected, however insurance companies do not need to cover the physician’s orders. This legislation would mandate insurance coverage of the treatment if prescribed by a licensed physician.

H.2081 - An Act establishing the caregiver advise, record and enable (CARE) act

This legislation would provide that the name of a family caregiver is recorded when a loved one is admitted into a hospital or rehabilitation facility; that a family caregiver is notified if the loved one is to be discharged to another facility or back home; and that the hospital or rehabilitation facility must provide an explanation and live instruction of the medical tasks - such as medication management, injections, wound care and transfers - that a family caregiver will perform at home.

H.3544 - An Act requiring medical exams for certain school bus drivers

This legislation would remove unnecessarily restrictive barriers to school bus drivers getting their mandated medical exams. Currently, state law requires that a medical doctor do the exam, even though the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners certifies other medical providers such as nurse practitioners. This bill would simply bring MA in accordance with the national standard for examiners, making it less burdensome for bus drivers in rural areas to get their necessary exam. Additionally, the bill would allow the bus driver to get the physical within six months of submitting the application, instead of the current three months.

H.3898 - Resolve establishing a special commission on behavioral health promotion and upstream prevention

The Promote Prevention Commission will create a long term, comprehensive plan for preventing substance abuse and other behavioral health disorders, like depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Not seeking to reinvent the wheel, the Commission will seek to expand on and invest in existing successful initiatives.
Many of your communities have formed substance abuse prevention coalitions focused on building collaboration locally to prevent young people from engaging in negative behaviors. The Commission will support the mission of your coalitions by considering how we can direct resources “upstream” to before an acute behavioral disorder develops or a behavioral issue like aggression, violence or criminality appears.
This Commission takes a unique approach for addressing the opiate epidemic, focusing specifically on upstream prevention and promotion. Success in defeating the opiate epidemic depends on supporting the full continuum of care: Promotion - > Prevention - > Treatment - > Recovery.

S.1202 - An Act relative to patient notification

This bill would require hospitals to provide any admitted patient an information sheet detailing each prescribed medications use and potential side effects. When patients are administered immunizations, they often receive an information sheet detailing the immunization’s prescribed use and the possible side effects. This legislation aims to better empower patients for self-advocacy.

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Public Service

H.2205 - An Act relative to residency

This bill changes residency requirements for police and fire departments. If a city of town adopts a requirement that members of the police or fire department must be residents of the city, that requirement is limited to a period of five years.

H.2324 - An Act relative to residency

Prohibits requiring any members of a regular fire or police department, or fire alarm division, to reside within the limits of the city or town in which they work.

H.2209 - An Act providing health insurance coverage to the surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty

This bill allows dependents of deceased police officers killed in the line of duty to still receive insurance coverage as long as the spouse does not get remarried.

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S.253 - An Act relative to universal pre-kindergarten access

This legislation begins the process in a feasible but powerful manner. S. 253 allows school districts to implement their own plan for universal pre-K, while being supported by the commonwealth. S. 253 prioritizes at-risk children and children who will be attending schools that are slated for improvement, establishing pre-K in areas where it can have a big impact – both in the educational process and at home – granting parents and caregivers more stability and less expense in childcare. Overall, it provides Massachusetts youth a real head start.

H.343 - An Act increasing voting opportunities and online voter registration awareness in public schools

This legislation would improve publicity of information about the Commonwealth's voter registration process to students by requiring public schools post a link on their official website homepage to the Secretary of State's website page detailing how to participate in online voter registration. Additionally, the bill would require public schools better publicize where students may pick up a voter registration form.

H.397 - An Act requiring public school districts to add civics to their curriculum

This bill would require every public school district all students to complete a section in civics before graduating from secondary school. Civics education course may be offered at either the secondary school or intermediate school level at the discretion of the Administration of the school district. Said course may be incorporated into a social studies curriculum if applicable.

H.433 - An Act requiring school districts, with the assistance of the department of elementary and secondary education, to disclose information about required assessments

This bill would instruct school districts to tell parents at the beginning of each school year about the content, timing and duration of all standardized tests administered at each grade level, and which government entity requires each test. The bill also shifts the costs of notification to the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education.
H.498 - An Act relative to language opportunity for our kids

The proposed changes updates the existing statue to encompass the latest in academic research and best practices in Massachusetts public schools serving English language learners, and recognizes the value of bilingualism and biliteracy as skills essential to improving career and college readiness and competitiveness in the global economy. These updates require no major changes to existing programs. In addition, this revised language will reduce the administrative burden on districts that seek to expand their language acquisition program offerings.

HD4113 - An Act relative to non-public school student access to the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exam

A student in a non-public school in the commonwealth may elect to take the MCAS exam. in the school district wherein the student resides. The cost of administering the exam to such students shall be borne by the school district in which they take the exam. Allowing these students equal opportunity in applying for the Abigail Adams Scholarship.

HD 4458 - An act expanding educational opportunities for vocational students

This bill seeks to exempt minors and/or vocational students from being prohibited to operate or manage hoisting machines or motor vehicles while enrolled in a vocational technical education program or co-operative education program.

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H.1733 - An Act to establish pay equity

This bill works to ensure pay equity for men and women.
This bill clarifies terminology in the existing law to effectively implement equal pay for comparable work.
This bill permits employees to discuss their salaries with other employees. Pay transparency enables companies to resolve unwarranted disparities in compensation without employees filing complaints or lawsuits. The U.S. Department of Labor has found that pay transparency can decrease discrimination and investigations, saving companies time and money.
This bill requires employers when advertising jobs to include the minimum the job pays and prohibits employers from paying wages less than what is advertised. It also prohibits employers from seeking salary history from job applicants, employees or from another entity during the hiring process without an employee’s written authorization.

SD2451 - An Act relative to the establishment of a Massachusetts municipal lobbying policy

This bill would require lobbyists wishing to influence development, city contracts, and permits on the municipal level to make public disclosure of their efforts by registering as municipal lobbyists.

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